A Backcountry Farmhouse

A search on the internet for Tuscany returns a lot of images showcasing the wonderful and unique countryside that this region of Italy is blessed with. However, one image seems to appear more predominantly than any other. It's the image of a farmhouse on a hillock in the middle of nowhere cocooned by rolling hills... Continue Reading →


A Drop of Scotch

A long drive awaited us tomorrow. The roughly two hundred miles from the Northern Highlands all the way down to the capital Edinburgh through twisting and turning countryside roads would require about five exhausting hours at the wheel. So we had made no other plans except to just drive with a couple of recovery breaks... Continue Reading →

Sleep-walking up to the Old Man

There I was, sound asleep snuggled under the warm covers on a cosy bed without a worry in the world. It was blissful. Until my wife stirred next to me. "Is it morning already? Was she getting up?" I wondered but only for an instant before slipping back to whence I came. Soon I was... Continue Reading →

“Aren’t you lucky”!

It's been said to me by strangers not once, not twice but so often that these days I just break in to a laughter when I hear it. The famous words decided to make their latest appearance during our recent holiday. As we were quietly walking around and taking in the incredibly beautiful Eilean Donan... Continue Reading →

Something just like this

A catchy tune one can sing along to and boy did the crowd join in! Although the song title does say "Tokyo Remix", a few sections of Coldplay's latest video were recorded during their live performance in Munich a couple of weeks ago. Doo-doo-doo, doo-doo-doo, Doo-doo-doo, Oh I want something just like this! .


When Coldplay descended on a cold, soaking wet evening in Munich and stole our hearts. Feeling an "everglow"... .

The Reasonable Man

It was during a lecture in the first year of my undergraduate studies that I heard it for the first time. I watched with incredulity and revulsion as the professor, in an effort to make a point, rattled off one of G. B. Shaw's famous quotes. "The reasonable man adapts himself to the world. The... Continue Reading →

Winter Magic

Dreamily I gazed out the window as the snowflakes began to fall. First snow this winter. Minutes passed and soon leafless trees were bedecked just right and solitary footpaths were dusted white. This was winter as it should be. A withering landscape reeling in the aftermath of Autumn brought back to life and smarting a... Continue Reading →

Divine “Divenire”

It's a tune that I have hummed along and gently shaken my head to hundreds of times over the years but it never once occurred to me to look up a video of it. After all, it was western classical music, a genre not really known for its extravagant video showmanship popular in today's mainstream... Continue Reading →

Bridge over the River Inn

A small market town on the north bank of the Inn river swelled over to the south bank and they were connected via a newly constructed bridge in the 12th century. Thus Innsbruck was born which literally translates to "Inn Bridge". Today the city is one of the largest in the Alps, halfway between southern... Continue Reading →

Bit of love for Coldplay

My heart skipped a beat as jingles more suited to the prayer room of a Hindu household rather than the song of a British rock band trickled out of the speakers. "Had I clicked the wrong video?", I asked myself. As I glanced up at the screen, the first images left me even more puzzled... Continue Reading →

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