Free and wild Swaying in the mountain air, Try after try Snaring the blossom fair. .



Upon a perch at high noon As far as the eyes can see, Black and white in tone As pretty as a vista can be. .


A hydroelectric power station albeit with no water supply and an empty river bed. .


A gushing waterfall that used to cover the rock face 2-3 times over reduced to nothing in two decades. .


A complicated life requires a short break every now and then to declutter the mind and recalibrate one's compass. Hustle and bustle. A myriad of shots with different composition possibilities. Nevertheless, the simple composition below captured the essence of the moment, as I felt it, better than any other. .

#26: Last rays of autumn

The air has turned colder, the days have become shorter and the leaves are falling to the ground by the thousands every day. Another winter is on its way. I strapped my backpack, grabbed the camera and headed out an hour before noon to soak in the warmth of the sun and enjoy a quiet... Continue Reading →

#25: A Backcountry Farmhouse

A search on the internet for Tuscany returns a lot of images showcasing the wonderful and unique countryside that this region of Italy is blessed with. However, one image seems to appear more predominantly than any other. It's the image of a farmhouse on a hillock in the middle of nowhere cocooned by rolling hills... Continue Reading →

#24: A Drop of Scotch

A long drive awaited us tomorrow. The roughly two hundred miles from the Northern Highlands all the way down to the capital Edinburgh through twisting and turning countryside roads would require about five exhausting hours at the wheel. So we had made no other plans except to just drive with a couple of recovery breaks... Continue Reading →

#22: “Aren’t you lucky”!

It's been said to me by strangers not once, not twice but so often that these days I just break in to a laughter when I hear it. The famous words decided to make their latest appearance during our recent holiday. As we were quietly walking around and taking in the incredibly beautiful Eilean Donan... Continue Reading →

#21: The Reasonable Man

It was during a lecture in the first year of my undergraduate studies that I heard it for the first time. I watched with incredulity and revulsion as the professor, in an effort to make a point, rattled off one of G. B. Shaw's famous quotes. "The reasonable man adapts himself to the world. The... Continue Reading →

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